The Spirit of Urban Exploration

The Spirit of Urban Exploration

Travelling for business has never been so easy. Maybe you are a seasoned professional looking to upgrade an outdated luggage piece for an upcoming corporate trip or you like the finer things in travel leisure to accompany you on your voyages. We discovered Montblanc have the sleek modern companion you need.

#MY4810 Cabin Trolley; Montblanc

No matter what your destination is, the Montblanc #MY4810 Trolley is your timeless travel companion that comes in various sizing options to ensure the perfect lifestyle fit.

We believe functionality is paramount when deciding on luggage and found the  height adjustable handle with the multi-stop system a dream. The spacious trolley has two compartments with individual zip closures to ensure your personal items are secure and stay organised in transit. The smooth travelling trolley has ball-bearing wheels that provides easy and quite motions which makes for a luxurious transition when making your way through the obstacle course that is a foreign airport. These are the things to look out for when purchasing luggage to ensure it will go the distance.

A suitcase most times hold our most treasured possessions and taking them from one side of the globe to the other. It is time to roll into the future and go the extra mile with Montblanc.

Visit the Montblanc Boutique at 171 Edward Street Brisbane.

About Edward Street

Of historical importance in Brisbane’s CBD, Edward St has emerged as Queensland’s most prestigious and exciting retail precinct. Adjoining the internationally renowned Queen Street Mall, it’s where contemporary glamour meets traditional craftsmanship in a quintessentially subtropical environment.