Many think that gifting chocolate on Valentines day is a cliché. However, at Mayfield Chocolates they strive to have their chocolates understood as more than just a sweet treat. The love that is put into each of the designs and flavours is tasted in every bite. Their chocolate is created to match the personalities of those whom purchase it. For the perfect way to say I care about you on Valentine’s day, choose the style and flavour that will compliment that special someone.

Here are our top five picks for Valentine’s day:

  1. Hot Exotica (Lemongrass, tamarind & chilli ganache, with tender sour flavour and hot finish, in dark chocolate): The name says it all. This piece packs a feisty punch, leaving you with a delicately spicy tingle. Does this describe your special someone?
  2. Coffee Queenslander (Definite coffee/rum/chocolate flavours and smooth texture inside the chocolate exterior, which includes a chocolate coffee bean decoration): Do you have that person in your life who simultaneously wakes you up and settles you down? If so, this is the perfect chocolate for them. This chocolate will give them a warm fuzzy, whilst ensuring they’re on their toes!
  3. Country Caramel (A gorgeous, real caramel with a gentle burnt note): This beauty is for the person who is sweet to the core. They’re selfless and always leave you wanting more.
  4. Cappuccino Coffee Ganache (Definite coffee flavour, smooth texture. The white chocolate “froth” sits on a dark chocolate cup): This chocolate is for the person who walks to the beat of their own tune. Full of energy and life, they’re your perfect morning pick-me-up.
  5. Nipple of Venus (Complex and subtle flavour, not too strong, in this special praline ganache hybrid.): the delicate flavour and style of this chocolate lends itself to a delicate and feminine energy. This is for the person who is reliable and down to earth.

Mayfield Chocolates can be found at 143 Edward Street Brisbane.

About Edward Street

Of historical importance in Brisbane’s CBD, Edward St has emerged as Queensland’s most prestigious and exciting retail precinct. Adjoining the internationally renowned Queen Street Mall, it’s where contemporary glamour meets traditional craftsmanship in a quintessentially subtropical environment.