Spring Summer 2018.

The view from a window seat is often little more than a blur as a train glides from one landscape to the next. Moments race by at breakneck speeds, reminding us that life is movement – a continuous journey from one station to the next – the Canali man is both spectator and participant. As each stop is made, the elements of the journey are laid out one by one and the passenger is treated to moments of closer observation and reflection. The destination that becomes clearer as it appears along the horizon. The Spring Summer 2018 collection is an homage to the man who is constantly on the move, whether for business or pleasure – or for business and pleasure – and to the continuous discovery that his journeys bring.

Impeccabile 2.0, a fabric created exclusively for Canali, is a material that rises to the challenge of dressing this global commuter. Soft and responsive, Impeccabile 2.0 is made from an ultra-fine wool whose fibers measure a mere 17.5 microns and are twisted twice as many times as traditional threads, creating an unprecedented level of elasticity that is also completely natural. The fineness of the weave creates micro-spaces that render the material exceptionally lightweight and breathable. Lastly, a special finishing makes the textile resistant to water and stains while any eventual creases are evened out by the wearer’s natural body warmth. This innovative material is found in suits, blazers and formal pants in addition to sportswear styles, which, thanks to internal membranes, become completely water-proof and insulated.

Stretch, breathable, creaseless, resistant to water and stains: these features of Impeccabile 2.0 become four choreographed performances and the protagonists of the presentation, dedicated to the new collection. Along the platform of a railway station, amongst the coaches of a luxury train, the traveller encounters a series of natural fabrics: ultra-fine wool, blends of cashmere and silk, linen and cotton. In formal ensembles, the palette moves between sophisticated nuances – dusty, steel and cornflower blue and sand while leisurewear is tinged in more decisive hues that intensify from mustard yellow and olive green paired with dark blue to orange and fiery red paired with gray. Checks come in varying sizes while solid-colored pieces always feature a dynamic base.

Suits are characterized by deconstructed, soft tailoring as two-button blazers and the pants cut clean lines. A particular one-button blazer sports wider peak lapels that slim down the silhouette. Trenches and car coats are lightweight and voluminous all at once – designed to fit tidily into one of our travel-ready weekenders or backpacks in elegant blends of leather and textile – and feature formal details like real horn buttons. The selection of button-up shirts come mainly in luxurious linens and includes an oversized collarless style with pockets that can also be worn as a jacket. Waist packs and document holders are embellished with a subtle tone-on-tone Canali logo and exceptionally soft and flexible kangaroo leather shoes complete the wardrobe of our traveller, who is already headed to his next destination.

Adventure in store to Canali Edward Street to pack your perfect travel wardrobe.

168 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

About Edward Street

Of historical importance in Brisbane’s CBD, Edward St has emerged as Queensland’s most prestigious and exciting retail precinct. Adjoining the internationally renowned Queen Street Mall, it’s where contemporary glamour meets traditional craftsmanship in a quintessentially subtropical environment.