Let Christie Nicolaides transport you to a Summer Moroccan paradise with her latest collection, Maroc. Embrace your inner child with this colourful new collection available in store on Edward Street Brisbane today.

Christie Nicolaides launches their CRUISE 2020 collection – MAROC, as we start to feel the warmth of the sun again. Inspired by the Summer delights of Morocco, the collection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets boasts the brightest of colours, perfect as a statement-making accessory to any Summer outfit.

This Summer is all about embracing bold and bright colours that we see around us. As one of the most sited trends off this season’s runway, colourful jewellery has been big in helping channel how to have fun with accessories and embrace the season. Have no fear of mixing metals and stones, the more mishmash, the better. Christie Nicolaides, a forever supporter of colour, is now showcasing more vibrancy than ever before.

Think of fully bloomed flowers, stormy grey skies, and the kaleidoscope of ocean blues. MAROC reflects these colourful moments making for meaningful and special pieces for any woman to treasure.

The skilled artisans at Christie Nicolaides have carefully captured the yellows of the lemon trees, the greens of rolling hills and the purple of wildflowers in enchanting fields with their choice of precious gems, transporting you to the heart of a Moroccan Summer.

Get your glistening accessories today and explore the gems of colour at Christie Nicolaides.

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Of historical importance in Brisbane’s CBD, Edward St has emerged as Queensland’s most prestigious and exciting retail precinct. Adjoining the internationally renowned Queen Street Mall, it’s where contemporary glamour meets traditional craftsmanship in a quintessentially subtropical environment.