The style choices we make, while looking to improve our vision or protect our eyes from the sun, are always influenced by trends. Looking to those who are effortlessly cool and glamorous to decide on the shapes and styles of our eyewear is so hot right now.

OPTIKO EYEWEAR has taken a look back at some of these legendary people that inspire us, and their specs while suggesting how you can pull off the looks today.

The oversized style epitomises timeless elegance and style and will always influence people in our modern world, from celebrities and fashion designers to magazine editors and models. True, timeless style… just the way Audrey would have liked it.

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We’ve seen both cat-eye specs and sunnies make a huge comeback. Although the shape has maintained its retro feel, it’s also been given a contemporary edge that makes it the go-to for every fashionista.

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In general, retro wingtips are the most iconic style of sunglasses at the moment. Don’t forget to pick a pair up, they’re an absolute style staple season after season.

Round glasses and sunnies have both made a huge comeback in recent years, making a quirky yet fashion-forward addition to any woman or man’s style repertoire. Round glasses can also soften your look if you have a square-shaped face with angular jaw bones, although we tend to believe they suit anyone.

When it comes to glasses for the guys, there are countless legendary icons to draw inspiration from.

Be your own icon, find your next pair of stylish specs now at Optiko Eyewear on Edward Street Brisbane.

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