Monsoon Breathes New Life and Beauty

Monsoon Breathes New Life and Beauty

The arrival of the monsoon season in Kimberly, Australia brings new energy and vibrancy to the Paspaley Monsoon collection.

The Monsoon collection by Paspaley celebrates the energy and beauty of the home of Paspaley pearls – the wild Kimberly coast. Inspired by Paspaley’s link to nature, natural beauty and adventurous spirit, the latest collection features beautiful luminous pearls bursting with rich colours and gemstones. Each collection piece showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs developed by Paspaley’s artisan jewellers.

Monsoon reflects the annual rebirth of the wild Kimberly coast, where colours of blossoming flowers, succulent grasslands and rich foliage spring to life. The unique jewellery designs feature native Australian flora and fauna, commonly found in the Kimberly wetlands. The collection incorporates native Australian cicadas, flowers, insects and wildflowers into the unique jewellery designs.

Leading collection piece, the Wildflower Collier necklace, features Keshi pearls with white and yellow diamonds. The Paspaley Keshi pearls are created purely from pearl nacre and feature a beautiful, natural glow. A small number of these pearls are discovered each year and are reserved for Paspaley’s most extraordinary creations.

To find the perfect Monsoon collection jewellery piece, visit Paspaley on Edward Street Brisbane.

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