With Valentine’s day approaching it is time to think about how you want to make the day of LOVE one to remember, and Cartier have the perfect solution… an array of classic engagement rings!

Ever wanted a go-to-guide to find the perfect piece for the leading lady in your life? Use the below to point you in the right direction.

Every woman has a style that is intrinsically her, be it old Hollywood glamour, minimal or edgy. The engagement ring you choose should reflect who she is. A starting point is to think of what she wears day-to-day. Women with classic taste tend to gravitate toward a solitaire style. The round shaped stone shines it’s brightest on a simple band in yellow gold, platinum or rose gold. This style has stood the test of time and is the perfect ring if you are wanting to stick to a classic setting and can be easily customised with the addition of a more detailed wedding band.

For an edgier look, a Princess cut diamond has sharp clean lines that maintain a contemporary aesthetic, particularly in a platinum setting. This style is perfect as a solitaire or if you need something extra with a pave band. For a style that hints at vintage design, yet remains modern, gravitate toward adding a halo of diamonds to the feature diamond or diamonds on the ring for a classic yet contemporary style that will look exquisite for decades to come.

Every year new engagement trends evolve as jewellers, public figures and fashion influence the eternal accessory. For 2019 it’s all about the contemporary cut with hints of vintage style.

Cartier Destinée Solitaire; Ballerine Solitaire by Cartier

Yellow and rose gold will be a large feature in 2019. Gaining traction in the 1940s, yellow and rose gold became more widespread in all types of jewellery, particularly engagement rings. The warmer tones work beautifully with most skin tones and make the diamonds pop, especially in designs like the Cartier 1895 Solitaire Ring with a pave setting. This style fits beautifully into the creative woman’s life who loves to show off her style, but also blends seamlessly into her existing accessories.

Dainty designs with floral references are also a major trend in the engagement realm. Soft edges and incorporated design elements, this trend makes your ring feel like it is one-of-a-kind. Perfect for the minimal woman who wants something that nods at boho style. The Ballerina Solitaire in pink gold with a brilliant cut highlights the design, has beautiful warm tones and showcases the centre diamond seamlessly.

1895 Solitaire Ring; Etincelle De Cartier Ring by Cartier

Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour are the four Cs that rule the diamond universe, the most important being the cut. Central brilliant-cut Cartier diamonds focus on symmetry and balance of the diamond, ensuring the classification of “very good” or “excellent” on the GIA scale.  The carat is the unit used to measure the weight of the diamond and is crucial in determining the price of a diamond. Cartier offers diamonds over a wide range of carat value, ensuring the perfect diamond desired. Clarity refers to the quality of a diamond in regards to inclusions, which are natural imperfections.

1895 Solitaire Ring; Trinity Solitaire; Destinée Solitaire by Cartier

Cartier guarantees diamonds that have exceptional clarity and all Cartier diamonds are colourless, ensuring that your eternal accessory from Cartier will make Valentine’s Day one to remember.

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