Is It Time to Consider the Country Where Your Shoes are Made?

Is It Time to Consider the Country Where Your Shoes are Made?
Peter Sheppard shares with us some thoughts to consider for when we’re next shoe shopping.

There comes a time in every woman’s life that she reconsiders the choices she makes and creates new strategies going forward. For some this can mean a new hairstyle, for others a change in exercise regime but for most women, there comes a time in their life where they scrutinize their footwear choices.

Amanda had been buying her shoes the same way for years.

“I have always loved shoes, my wardrobe is filled with them. I believe that regardless of what I am wearing on top, a good pair of shoes could make or break any outfit. But recently I have been paying more attention to quality and the country in which my shoes were made. Some of my shoes were not wearing well. I would find after a short period of time that the insole would begin to deteriorate or the leathers would lose their shape.  I like the notion of Italian artisans hand crafting my shoes rather than wearing a pair that has been mass produced and have come straight off a production line. It feels like the shoes have a soul that you can feel when wearing them.”

She has a point.

There can be no comparison when it comes to shoes that are individually hand crafted. The care and detail that goes into every step of the manufacturing process ensures that each shoe is impeccably created. Peter Sheppard Footwear is one of Australia’s largest importers of Italian shoes.  They have a dedicated buying office in Florence that works with over 40 factories that make up their various collections. “These are family owned factories,” explains Chris Sheppard, CEO of Peter Sheppard Footwear. “Each factory specialises in something different, a skill that has been passed down from one generation to the other as family members work side by side.”

For beautiful, hand crafted shoes, created by artisans, shop at Peter Sheppard Footwear, 159 Edward Street, Brisbane City.

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