Edward Street collaborates with Queensland Ballet

Edward Street collaborates with Queensland Ballet
Queensland Ballet’s Choreographer: Jack Lister

Jack Lister is Brisbane’s choreographer with unique expression

The Edward Street Collective precinct launch on Thursday October 12, featured a specially created pas de deux by choreographer Jack Lister, performed by the Queensland Ballet. Jack joined the Queensland Ballet in 2014 as a company dancer and has evolved into a creative choreographer with unique expression and a dancer to watch. Jack’s choreography has featured in Queensland Ballet’s annual seasons since his commission to create work for 2015’s Dance Dialogues season.

Jack has collaborated with artists, musicians, and designers such as Gail Sorronda to choreograph projects.

Jack’s creation premiering at Queensland Ballet’s Dance Dialogues 2017 season, Still Life, illustrates the brevity of life and relationships, channelling the phrase Memento Mori (remember you will die). Queensland Ballet’s Company Artist, Georgia Swan, and Soloist, Vito Bernasconi, will perform in Still Life.

About Edward Street

Of historical importance in Brisbane’s CBD, Edward St has emerged as Queensland’s most prestigious and exciting retail precinct. Adjoining the internationally renowned Queen Street Mall, it’s where contemporary glamour meets traditional craftsmanship in a quintessentially subtropical environment.