Refresh Your Face & Hair Regime

Refresh Your Face & Hair Regime

The sun has set on summer and we are now enjoying all that the (slightly) cooler days have to offer. Unfortunately, as the seasons change, so can your skin and hair and the care they need.

Whether it’s repairing dry skin, combating pigmentation or breathing new life into sun-damaged hair, here are three ways to refresh your beauty regime for the months ahead.

Simply Laser

Fast And Fresh

During the cooler months, our normal skin shedding process tends to slow down, which means our skin can become drier, rougher and develop a dull looking appearance.

For flowing skin and time out from the hustle and bustle of daily life, book yourself in for Simply Laser’s Oxygen Lift facial.

Using oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and specially concentrated enzymatic botanicals, this facial delivers a premium skin experience in under an hour—with immediate results.

Requiring no pre-treatment and no downtime afterwards, this 45-minute facial instantly brightens, speeds up healing and circulation resulting in recovery from sun damage; plumper facial skin; an instant lift and glow; diminished expression lines; a brighter complexion and overall skin clarity.

Visit Simply Laser at Level 4/190 Edward Street Brisbane.

Origani Skincare

Butter Up

Rediscover your skin’s natural beauty and regain a more youthful appearance with Origani’s Ageless by Nature Green Caviar Supernatural Butter.

Washed upon the Okinawa shores from the ocean is the lustrous Green Caviar, also known as the Sea Grape.

Rich in vitamins B, A, C and a multi-mineral complex, Green Caviar provides superior performance in protection, correction and skin renewal, and accelerates the repair of functional wrinkles for a more lifted and toned appearance.

As well as acting as a brightening illuminator and smoothing primer—providing the perfect canvas for make-up application and foundation longevity—this supple butter also doubles as an intensive moisturiser for daily use, or as a repairing mask for stressed skin when applied more generously at night.

Visit Origani Skincare  at 150 Edward Street.

Toni & Guy Brisbane

Healthier Hair

Did you know seasonal changes can affect your hair and scalp, as well as your skin?

Regular treatments can repair, maintain and condition your hair so that it remains soft, smooth and free from breakage so that you can better achieve your desired look.

Unfortunately, no matter how gentle the colouring process is, it’s still a chemical process which can leave your hair dry, damaged and broken, but thanks to the new Niophlex treatment at Toni & Guy, those days are over.

By combining groundbreaking Niophlex with traditional colour and bleaching treatments, damage to the hair is prevented before it’s even started. Niophlex adds bonds, elasticity, and strength, enhancing the quality of the hair.

Visit Toni & Guy Brisbane at 150 Edward Street.

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