Dress Up Your Cocktail

Dress Up Your Cocktail

The title of Brisbane’s finest cocktail bar has finally been claimed (in our opinion, anyway!). with the highest quality liquors and spirits The Cloakroom Bar offers an artisanal and tailored approach to creating every drink down to their specially carved purified ice. The Cloakroom Bar prides itself on unparalleled luxury and indulgence, making it a non-negotiable for the perfect night out in Brisbane. As one of the most dapper places to be seen, ensure you don something as equally striking to complete the image of lavishness and bespoke sophistication that The Cloakroom Bar offers.

As the weather becomes warmer, we’ve compiled our favourite summer afternoon cocktails all of which pair beautifully with the atmosphere of The Cloakroom Bar.

The Midori Splice is a sweet drink made served with ice. Deriving its natural sweetness from pineapple and often being served with fresh cherries, a Midori Splice is a fruity tasting refresher. Midori has a lower alcohol content than most spirits, so we find it perfect for a calming afternoon or pre/post dinner drink! Featuring fresh pineapple juice, this summer cocktail is too perfect for a warm summer evening. Spend your evening indulging suited to summer in an un-lined linen jacket and a casual open shirt with a floral flare. New season colours are sure to excite your evening plans and set the atmosphere!

Fresh mango is an Australian favourite but it’s even better with vodka and rum. There’s no better way to appreciate Australia’s fresh juicy mangos than by turning them into a Daiquiri. Made often with blended ice, The Cloakroom Bar offers these sweet thick cocktails ideal to take advantage of the mangos that come along with summer. Style the experience even sweeter with a patterned pocket square or tie showcasing mustard and olive green.

First made popular in the 20s’, a Sidecar is one of the most sophisticated cocktails and perfectly complements the vibe of The Cloakroom Bar. Another drink made cold and with fresh lemon, this cocktail is another summer must-have-drink! Sidecars are a classic drink renowned for being very smooth and easy to sip. Compliment this classic cocktail with a classic three-piece suit so you can be as timelessly elegant as your drink!

For those with a sweet tooth, a Caprioska is a perfect option to satisfy a sugar craving. Made classically with vodka, the Caprioska is a fresh lime cocktail made with sugar syrup. The balance of sweet from the sugar versus tangy from the lime is perfectly steadied by in the classic Caprioska. For you to balance out your outfit, check out the bespoke footwear to set to take your stride into summer.

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